Are you ready?

The Next Spark

A 1-1 customized coaching program for you to create more joy, energy, and purpose in the next chapter of your life. 

Redesign Your Life 

You’ve proven yourself professionally.  You don’t want to languish away thinking this is all there is to your life.  Instead, you want to feel energized, lit up, engaged and fulfilled.


You think “Is this really all there is?”

You are no longer energized by your work and life.  You feel exhausted and uninspired.  You miss the feeling of wanting to get out of bed each morning.


You know you are meant for more, but time is ticking!

You know you are capable of more!  You have acquired so much wisdom, knowledge and skills, yet know that you still have even more to offer. Time is passing so fast.  You feel pressure to figure out what is next, NOW, so that you don’t look back with any regrets.


This is your time! You deserve to invest in yourself!

You have raised your children/taken care of aging parents/established one or more careers/contributed to your community/established your household.  NOW it is finally time for you.  And, you are completely overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out what you want next and how to go about getting there.  

I created the  Next Spark Accelerator Program for women EXACTLY like you.

Ready to spring into the next phase of your life with more joy, energy and sense of purpose.


You will

wake up each day excited, energized and fully engaged with your work, life and relationships.


You will

know with conviction you your choices reflect your strengths, values and desired impact on the world at this stage of your life


You will

feel clear, confident and certain that you are using your hard earned wisdom to continue to make an unique impact on the world – YOUR way. 

How it works

What we’ll work on together

Craft your unique vision for the future

In Phase One, we dig into your strengths, values, experiences and wisdom to co-create your most aligned path forward. We combine established brain science with intuition and creativity to craft your unique vision for your future.

Take Action

In Phase Two, I support you to take clear, actionable steps toward your clarified vision.  My experience as a psychotherapist for over a decade allows me to safely guide you through those tricky leaps of faith and zones of discomfort as you grow into your new personal identity.

Refine and Elevate

In Phase Three, we consolidate, fine-tune and establish your long-term plan so that you can continue smoothly toward the ideal path you have envisioned for yourself. 

Change can be hard

I know – and you’re not alone.

I, too, went through the hard work to shift from being an attorney to a licensed clinical psychotherapist to a business owner and life redesign coach and now I LOVE my work and my clients.

I developed the powerful Next Spark Accelerator Program to help my clients also experience more passion, purpose and joy in the next phase of their lives.

“I am more clear of my priorities and have identified a new life path.”

Working with Kirsten over the past year and a half has been a transformative experience. Her skill at guiding me through my journey together with the trust she engendered helped me to accept what is, move beyond the negatives, and imagine what could be…..I am more curious about new possibilities and feel excited to explore them. I am better able to let go of that which I cannot control and to embrace and expand those things which I can control. I am more clear of my priorities and have identified a new life path. I have a plan and I am executing it.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Next Spark Accelerator program?

The Next Spark Accelerator program is a 6 month program.  I have found that in order to successfully make a genuine life change, 6 months is the shortest realistic time to design, craft and implement the new plan.

How much time should I expect to commit to the Next Spark Accelerator program?

We kick off with a 90-minute Intensive Session, which you will prepare for by completing an Initial Questionnaire and Strengths Inventory.  Then, we will meet three (3) times a month for 45 minute sessions for the six months of the program.  As appropriate, you will have some suggested work to do between sessions, to help you move forward.

Will I get my money’s worth?

When you attend the coaching sessions and commit to the process, most participants experience profound shifts in their thinking, their perspective and their way of being in their lives.  Think of it as a capital investment in your life, which will have a return on investment for decades to come.   

Can I pay over time?

Yes, if you apply and are accepted into the Next Spark Accelerator Program, you will have a choice of paying up front, or over time.  I advise picking the choice that will hold you most accountable for the duration of the program.  For some people, paying up front will let them relax and dig into the program.  For others, having a monthly reminder of their commitment to investing in themselves is more useful.  You get to choose.