I’m Kirsten –

I’m a Life Redesign Coach who guides mid-career professionals like you into your next chapter of life and work for more joy, energy, impact and sense of fulfillment.

My zone of genius is guiding you to inventory your accumulated knowledge, skills, expertise, strengths and wisdom and to use them as a compass to map out the next amazing chapter of your life and work.   

In my first chapter, I was a litigation attorney for 14 years, and a law firm partner. Then, each of my children had near death health challenges as infants, right as the 9/11 attacks occurred.  Reconciling these events led me to reevaluate my values, priorities and sense of purpose for my life.  I decided to leave my law practice, got a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and ran my private psychotherapy practice for over a decade.  

I have always been fascinated with the question of how people thrive.  Now, as a Life Redesign Coach, I love sharing with you the evidence-based science on how to live our best lives at each unique phase of life. I also am a Certified Applied Positive Psychology practitioner and an ICF Certified Life Coach, so you can trust me to safely guide you into your next chapter of life and work.  

I love my work, and you can too!

My values

Rules to creating your next chapter



I believe you can create the life you want and take inspired, intentional action – without burning it all to the ground.



Being honest, within yourself and with those around you, lets you fully embrace your vision and live into your purpose. 



By challenging yourself to move beyond your current comfort zone, you will be able to improve your sense of mastery and ability to rise to a challenge, which will leave you feeling engaged and energized.



Once you set your compass to your strengths, priorities, sense of purpose and meaning, you will be able to experience more joy on a regular basis.

My Background

A Harvard graduate, former litigation attorney and law firm partner, I pivoted mid-career to better align with my values and life’s purpose.  Now, with over a decade of experience as a Clinical Psychotherapist and as a ICF Certified Coach, I empower clients to expand, transform and move into their full, limitless potential in life and business. 

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How you can begin redesigning your life to live with more purpose + alignment.

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